Ichiro ENOKI

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Complex differential geometry
Keywords Complex manifold, Kähler manifold
Office Science Building B-318 (Toyonaka Campus)

A complex manifold is, locally, the world build out of open subsets of complex Euclid spaces and holomorphic functions on them. If two holomorphic functions are defined on a connected set and coincide on an open subset, then they coincide on the whole. Complex manifolds inherit this kind of property from holomorphic functions. That is, they are stiff and hard in a sense. It seems to me that complex manifolds are not metallically hard but have common warm feeling with wood or bamboo, which have grain and gnarl. Analytic continuations, as you learned in the course on the function theory of complex variables, is analogous to the process of growth of plants. Instead of considering whole holomorphic functions, a class of complex manifold can be build out of polynomials. This is the world of complex algebraic manifolds, the most fertile area in the world of complex manifolds. To complex algebraic manifolds, since they are algebraically defined, algebraic methods are of course useful to study them. In certain cases, however, transcendental methods (the word "transcendental" means only "not algebraic") are powerful. For example, one of the simplest proof for the fundamental theorem of algebra is given by the function theory of one complex variable. These two methods have been competing with each other since the very beginning of the history of the study of complex manifolds. This competing seems to me the prime mover of the development of the theory of complex manifolds. Comparing the world of complex manifold to the earth, the world of complex algebraic manifold is to compare to continents, and the boundary to continental shells. The reason I wanted to begin to study complex manifolds was I heard the Kodaira embedding theorem, which characterizes complex algebraic manifolds in the whole complex manifolds. The place I begin to study is, however, something like the North Pole or the Mariana Trench. Now the center of my interest is in the study of complex algebraic manifolds by transcendental methods. (Thus I have reached land but I found this was a jungle.)