Tetsuya ITO

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Topology, combinatorial and geometric group theory
Keywords Braid groups, orderable groups, 3-dimensional (contact) manifold
Office Science Building b-540(Toyonaka Campus)

I am studying topology, geometry and combinatorics concerning the braid groups, orderable groups and 3-manifolds. The braid group is illustrated by strands in 3-space and is intuitively easy to understand, but it plays an important role in many branch of mathematics, like quantum topology or contact geometry. An orderable group is a group having a total ordering that is invariant under the multiplication of the group itself. It is also an interesting object related to one-dimensional dynamics and various other fields. I am mainly interested in an application of orderings to topology, and studying an explicit construction of orderings having strange properties such as isolated orderings. Recently I am studying topology and contact structure of 3-manifolds via open book decomposition, which can be seen as a generalization of closed braids.