Tadashi OCHIAI

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Arithmetic geometry
Keywords Iwasawa theory, Galois representation, p-adic automorphic forms
Office Science Building B-422 (Toyonaka Campus)

I study Number theory and Arithmetic Geometry. In the research of Number thoery, we study not only properties of integers and rational numbers, but every kinds of problems related to integers. For example, we are very much interested in rational points of algebraic varieties defined over the field of rational numbers. Number theory has a long history and we had a great progress, which is typical in the proof of Fermat's conjecture by Wiles and the proof of Mordell's conjecture by Faltings in 20th century. At the beginning of my career, my subject of research was the study of the l-adic etale cohomology of varieties over local fields. More recently, I am interested in the study of special values of zeta functions via the philosophy of Iwasawa theory. Precisely speaking, my project is to study Iwasawa theory from the view point of Galois deformations. I think that Number theory is full of surprise as we see a lot of unexpected relations between different kinds of objects.