Takehiko YASUDA

Email takehikoyasuda(
Algebraic geometry, singularity theory
Keywords Motivic integration, Frobenius map, singularity, blowup
Office Science Building B-538 (Toyonaka Campus)

My main research object is singularities of algebraic varieties. An algebraic variety is a "figure" formed by solutions of algebraic equations. Such a figure often has points where the figure is sharp-pointed or intersects itself. Singularities make the study of an algebraic variety difficult. However since they often appear under various constructions, it is important to study them. Also singularities are interesting research object themselves.
More specifically, I am interested in resolution of singularities, the birational-geometric aspect of singularities, the McKay correspondence. Although these are classical research areas, changing a viewpoint or the setting of a problem, one can sometimes find a new phenomenon. Such a discovery is the greatest pleasure in my mathematical research. To pursue research, I use various tools like motivic integration, Frobenius maps, moduli-theoretic blowups, non-commutative rings, and sometimes make ones by myself.
Recently I am fascinated by mysterious behaviors of singularities in positive characteristic (a world where summing up several 1's gives 0.)