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Kenji Kozai ”Deformations of reducible SL(n,C) representations of fibered 3-manifold groups” (2021/03/24) TBA
Isami Koga / Yasuyuki Nagatomo Equivariant holomorphic embeddings from the complex projective line into complex Grassmannian of 2-planes (2021/03/23) TBA
Tomoyuki Tanaka/ Kotaro Tsugawa Well-posedness and parabolic smoothing effect for higher order Schrödinger type equations with constant coefficients (2021/03/03) TBA
Hitoshi Nakada An entropy problem of the $\alpha$-continued fraction maps (2021/02/22) TBA
Takenori Kataoka Stark systems and equivariant main conjectures (2021/02/18) TBA
Ushio Tanaka Exponential Concentration in Terms of Gromov-Ledoux’s Expansion Coefficients on a Metric Measure Space and Its Upper Diameter Bound Enjoying Volume Doubling (2021/02/18) TBA
Kazumasa Inaba Join theorem for real analytic singularities (2021/02/09) TBA
Kota Murakami On the module category of generalized preprojective algebras of Dynkin types (2021/02/09) TBA
Anda Olteanu Edge ideals of squares of trees (2021/02/02) TBA
Takuya Ukida Genus zero PALF structures on the Akbulut-Yasui plugs (2021/01/13) TBA
Takeyoshi Kogiso / Michihisa Wakui A characterization of Conway-Coxeter friezes of zigzag type by rational links (2021/01/04) TBA
Ryoma Kobayashi / Genki Omori An infinite presentation for the mapping class group of a non-orientable surface with boundary (2020/12/21) TBA
Nursel Erey Rooted order on minimal generators of powers of some cover ideals (2020/12/18) TBA
Ikki Fukuda / Yuya Kiri / Wataru Saito / Yoshihiro Ueda Stability criteria for the system of delay differential equations and its applications (2020/12/11) TBA
Danquynh Nguyen Fusion Rules among θ-Twisted Modules for Lattice Vertex Operator Algebras VL (2020/12/03) TBA
Akihiro Higashitani / Kazuki Kurimoto / Mikiya Masuda Cohomological rigidity for toric Fano manifolds of small dimensions or large Picard numbers (2020/12/01) TBA
Yuuki Sasaki Homogeneity of maximal antipodal sets (2020/10/21) TBA
J.-H. Eschenburg / P. Quast / M. S. Tanaka Addendum to: Maximal tori of extrinsic symmetric spaces and meridians (2020/10/20) TBA
Kazushi Kobayashi Geometric interpretation for exact triangles consisting of projectively flat bundles on higher dimensional complex tori (2020/10/09) TBA
Omprokash Das Boundedness of log-pluricanonical maps for surfaces of log-general type in positive characteristic (2020/09/29) TBA
Pani W. Fernando / E. Hausenblas / Kistosil Fahim ”On Markovian semigroups of Lévy driven SDEs, symbols and pseudo–differential operators” (2020/09/14) TBA
Marco Bonatto Connected quandles of size pq and 4p ( 2020/11/03) TBA
Ly Kim Ha / Nguyen Van Sang Hong L^p-estimates for harmonic Bergman projection on a class of convex domains of infinite type in C2 (2020/08/24) 58-4
Shyuichi Izumiya / Ana Claudia Nabarro / Andrea de Jesus Sacramento Curves in a spacelike hypersurface in the Minkowski space-time (2020/08/17) 58-4
Carlos A. Raposo / Yolanda S. S. Ayala /Carlos. A. Nonato Laminated beams with time-varying delay (2020/08/11) 58-4
Michela Zedda Stenzel's Ricci-flat Kaehler metrics are not projectively induced (2020/08/07) 58-4
Jihao Liu Sarkisov program for generalized pairs (2020/08/06) 58-4
Shigeru Takamura Classification of finite groups with birdcage-shaped Hasse diagrams (2020/07/15) 58-4
D. Kinzebulatov / Yu. A. Semenov Feller generators and stochastic differential equations with singular (form-bounded) drift (2020/07/01) 58-4
Anton Ayzenberg / Vladislav Cherepanov Torus actions of complexity one in non-general position (2020/06/23) 58-4
Osamu Fujino / Keisuke Miyamoto A characterization of projective spaces from the Mori theoretic viewpoint (2020/06/22) 58-4
Xiaoming Du The torsion generating set of the extended mapping class groups in low genus cases (2020/06/10) 58-4
George R. Exner / Il Bong Jung / Mi Ryeong Lee Weighted Shifts on directed trees with one branching vertex: n-contractivity and hyponormality (2020/06/08) 58-4
William Rushworth A parity for 2-colourable links (2020/06/03) 58-4
Carlo Collari / Paolo Lisca On symmetric equivalence of symmetric union diagrams (2020/02/05) 58-4
Daehong Kim / Kazuhiro Kuwae Generalized Schr\”odinger forms with applications maximum principles (2020/06/03) 58-3
Xiangdong Yang Invariant manifolds for nonautonomous stochastic evolution equation (2020/05/28) 58-3
Krishnendu Gongopadhyay / Abhishek Mukherjee / Devendra Tiwari Discreteness Of Hyperbolic Isometries by Test Maps (2020/05/22) 58-3
Toshifumi Tanaka On satellite knots with symmetric union presentations (2020/05/13) 58-3
Hiroshi Tsukada Pathwise uniqueness of stochastic differential equations driven by Cauchy processes with drift (2020/04/27) 58-3
Tosiya Miyasita/ Khaled Zennir Finite time blow-up for a viscoelastic wave equation with weak-strong damping and power nonlinearity (2020/04/21) 58-3
Takayuki Uchiba On Gluing Stability Condtions on Ruled Surfaces of Positive Genus (2020/04/13) 58-3
Takahiro Matsushita Neighborhood complexes and Kronecker double coverings (2020/04/10) 58-3
Chen He Localization of certain odd-dimensional manifolds with torus actions (2020/03/31) 58-3
Keiju Kato The Hopf monoid and the basic invariant of directed graphs (2020/03/31) 58-3
Saeid Azam / Masata Tomie/ Yoji Yoshii Classification of pointed reflection spaces (2020/03/18) 58-3
Xiaodan Li/ Jiangang Ying Markov chains approximations for one-dimensional diffusions (2020/03/11) 58-3
L. Aloui / H. Azaza Stabilization of two strongly coupled hyperbolic equations in exterior domains (2020/03/04) 58-3
Beatriz Juarez-Campos / Pavel Naumkin / Hector F. Ruiz-Paredes Large time asymptotic behavior of solutions to higher order nonlinear Schrödinger equation (2020/03/03) 58-3
Franziska Kühn On infinitesimal generators of sublinear Markov semigroups (2020/02/07) 58-3

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