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Hikaru Hirano On mod 2 arithmetic Dijkgraaf-Witten invariants for certain real quadratic number fields (2022/10/11) TBA
Rika Akiyama/ Takashi Sakai / Yuichiro Sato Variational problems for integral invariants of the second fundamental form of a map between pseudo-Riemannian manifolds (2022/09/28) TBA
Haruki Ide Algebraic independence results for a certain family of power series, infinite products, and Lambert type series (2022/09/20) TBA
Masayoshi NAGASE Getzler’s symbol calculus and the composition of differential operators on contact Riemannian manifolds (2022/09/14) TBA
Jacques Barbe Spectral bounds for non-smooth perturbations of the Landau Hamiltonian (2022/09/01) TBA
Masayoshi Takeda Optimal Hardy-type inequalities for Schrödinger forms (2022/08/31) TBA
A. Laradji On height zero characters of p-solvable groups (2022/08/29) TBA
Shunsuke Usuki Stability of uniqueness and coexistence of equilibrium states of the Ising model under long range perturbations (2022/08/19) TBA
Mouez Dimassi / Hawraa Yazbeck / Takuya Watanabe Spectral Asymptotics for magnetic Schrödinger operator with slowly varying potential (2022/08/10) TBA
Dohyeong Kim An application of Lazard's theory of p-adic Lie groups to torsion Selmer pointed sets (2022/08/01) TBA
Lixin Liu / Yaozhong Shi A new compactification of Teichmüller space (2022/07/25 ) TBA
Yukari Funakoshi / Kenta Noguchi / Ayaka Shimizu Unknottability of spatial graphs by region crossing changes (2022/07/19 ) TBA
Megumi Harada / Martha Precup Torus fixed point sets of Hessenberg Schubert varieties in regular semisimple Hessenberg varieties (2022/06/10) TBA
Saeid Azam/ Abbas Darehgazani A realization approach to extended affine Lie superalgebras (2022/05/16 ) TBA
Ayumu Inoue The knot quandle of the twist-spun trefoil is a central extension of a Schläfli quandle (2022/05/13 ) TBA
Takumu Ooi Markov properties for Gaussian fields associated with Dirichlet forms (2022/05/09 ) TBA
Qifan Shen Lower bound for Buchstaber invariants of real universal complexes (2022/03/24 ) TBA
Paul Barajas / Daniel Duarte A Nobile-like theorem for jet schemes of hypersurfaces (2022/02/28 ) TBA
Andrea Loi / Filippo Salis/ Fabio Zuddas On canonical radial Käehler metrics (2022/02/25 ) TBA
Haesung Lee On the pathwise uniqueness for a class of degenerate Itô-stochastic differential equations (2022/02/17 ) TBA
Yoshihiro Otokita Central ideals and Jacobson radicals of blocks of group algebras (2022/02/08 ) TBA
Masaharu Morimoto Construction of one-fixed-point actions on spheres of nonsolvable groups I Construction of one-fixed-point actions on spheres of nonsolvable groups (2022/02/07 ) TBA
Noboru Nakayama Singularity of normal complex analytic surfaces admitting non-isomorphic finite surjective endomorphisms (2022/01/12 ) 60_2
Takahiro Noda Contact geometry of third-order partial differential equations with two independent variables (2021/12/27 ) 60_2
Masaharu Morimoto Appendix to P.Mizerka's Theorem (2021/12/23 ) 60_2
Sojiro Murai Strichartz estimates for magnetic Schrödinger, wave and Klein-Gordon equations in exterior domain and application to scattering theory (2021/12/21 ) 60_2
Matthew Dawes The Baily-Borel compactification of a family of orthogonal modular varieties (2021/12/14 ) 60_2
Sam Nelson / Fletcher Nickerson Polynomial invariants of tribrackets in knot theory (2021/12/14 ) 60_2
Quy Thuong Le / Khanh Hung Nguyen Topological zeta functions of complex plane curve singularities (2021/12/13 ) 60_2
Yi-Sheng Wang Rigidity and symmetry of cylindrical handlebody-knots (2021/12/08 ) 60_2
Naoko Kamada / Shigeto Kawata / Akinobu Shimizu / Kaori Okubo A table of twisted knots with crossing number 3 (2021/11/25 ) 60_2
Yuki Sugiyama On equivariant index of a generalized Bott manifold (2021/11/22 ) 60_1
Osamu Fujino Relative Bertini type theorem for multiplier ideal sheaves (2021/10/26 ) 60_1
Akihito Ebisu/ Yoshishige Haraoka/ Masanobu Kaneko/ Hiroyuki Ochiai/Takeshi Sasaki / Masaaki Yoshida A study of a Fuchsian system of rank 8 in 3 variables and the ordinary differential equations as its restrictions (2021/10/26 ) 60_1
Hyunjin Lee / Gyu Jong Kim / Young Jin Suh Affine Killing Reeb vector field for a real hypersurface in the complex quadric (2021/10/22 ) 60_1
Wataru Ichinose On the mathematical formulation of the restricted Feynman path integrals through broken line paths (2021/10/20 ) 60_1
Hamid Abchir / Mohammed Sabak Infinite families of non-left-orderable L-spaces (2021/10/07 ) 60_1
Tulin Altunoz / Mehmetcik Pamuk / Oğuz Yildiz Generating the extended mapping class group by three involutions (2021/09/22 ) 60_1
Keunyoung Jeong/ Junyeong Park/ Donggeon Yhee On the Jacobian of hyperelliptic curves $y^2 = x^5 + m^2$ (2021/09/15 ) 60_1
Bowen Zheng On the blow-up solutions for the nonlinear radial Schrödinger equations with spatial variable coefficients (2021/09/08 ) 60_1
Robert Laterveer Some new Fano varieties with a multiplicative Chow-Künneth decomposition (2021/09/07 ) 60_1
Piotr Mizerka Exclusions of smooth actions on spheres of the non-split extension of $C_2$ by $SL(2,5)$ (2021/08/30 ) 60_1

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