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Katsumi Ishikawa Efficient knot invariants from quandles (2024/4/11) TBA
Kazuya Kato/ Chikara Nakayama/ Sampei Usui Mixed objects are embedded into log pure objects (2024/4/11) TBA
Micah Chrisman/ Robert G. Todd Characterization and further applications of the Bar-Natan Ж-construction (2024/3/6) TBA
Ha Huong Giang Finiteness theorem of meromorphic functions on a complete Kähler manifold (2024/3/29) TBA
Takumi Akiyama/ Atsushi Yagi Maximal strict solutions for some quasilinear parabolic system of honeycomb construction model (2024/3/26) TBA
Masanari Kida/ Nozomu Suzuki Constructing PGL (2, 7)-extensions with restricted ramifications (2024/3/25) TBA
Kazuhiro Ichihara/ Katsumi Ishikawa/ Eri Matsudo/ Masaaki Suzuki Two-tone colorings and surjective dihedral representations for links (2024/3/15) TBA
Naoki Kimura/ Tomoya Nakamura Compatibility between Jacobi structures and pseudo-Riemannian cometrics on Jacobi algebroids (2024/2/5) TBA
Rodolfo Aguilar Aguilar Arrangements, homology planes and fundamental groups (2024/2/5) TBA
Shimpei Kobayashi/ Yu Ohno A characterization of the alpha-connections on the statistical manifold of multivariate normal distributions (2024/2/28) TBA
Nafaa Chbili/ Toshifumi Tanaka On quasi-alternating knots with symmetric union presentations (2024/2/16) TBA
Kurando Baba On instability of $F$-Yang-Mills connections over irreducible symmetric $R$-spaces (2024/2/13) TBA
Kwang-Seob Kim/ Joachim König A note on unramified extensions of quadratic number fields (2024/1/5) TBA
Xiaosheng Li/ Zaili Yan/ Huihui An Pseudo-Riemannian geodesic orbit metrics on certain compact homogeneous spaces (2023/12/6) TBA
Tomoki Fujii Graphical translating solitons for the inverse mean curvature flow and isoparametric functions (2023/12/6) TBA
Hokuto Uehara/ Tomonobu Watanabe Fourier--Mukai partners of elliptic ruled surfaces over arbitrary characteristic fields (2023/12/5) TBA
Kodai Wada Odd writhes and $2k$-moves for virtual knots (2023/12/22) TBA
Kumiko Hattori/ Tetsuo Kurosawa/ Shunsuke Nishijima Loop-erased random walks on random fractals (2023/11/6) TBA
Viviana Grasselli On the definition of zero resonances for the Schrödinger operator with optimal scaling potentials (2023/11/21) TBA
Masayoshi NAGASE Parametrix and the Kohn-Rossi Laplacian on contact Riemannian manifolds (2023/11/14) TBA
Brian Lehmann/ Eric Riedl/ Sho Tanimoto Non-free curves on Fano varieties (2023/11/1) TBA
Christopher Chung/ Berta Hudak Representation type of level 1 KLR algebras RΛk(β) in type C (2023/9/26) 61_4
Piotr Pawlak/ Michal Stukow The first homology group with twisted coefficients for the mapping class group of a non--orientable surface with boundary (2023/9/19) 61_4
Kazuo Habiro/ Mai Katada On Borel’s stable range for the twisted cohomology of GL(n, Z) (2023/8/18) 61_4
Komal Negi/ Madeti Prabhakar/ Seiichi Kamada Twisted virtual braids and twisted links (2023/10/6) 61_4
Daiki Kawabe Chow motives of quasi elliptic surfaces (2023/10/5) 61_4
Yuuki Sasaki Orbits of the isotropy group action on quaternionic symmetric spaces (2023/10/4) 61_4
Vitali Vougalter On the solvability of some systems of integro-differential equations with the double scale anomalous diffusion in higher dimension (2023/10/26) 61_4
Tomo Murao 4-move inequivalent handlebody-links and f-twisted Alexander matrices (2023/10/23) 61_4
Takayuki Morifuji/ Anh T. Tran Twisted Alexander polynomials on Mangum-Shanahan curves (2023/10/17) 61_4
Jaeyoung Choi/ Yong-Geun Oh Fukaya Category of Infinite-type surfaces (2023/8/10) 61_3
Atsushi TAKEUCHI Wasserstein distance on solutions to stochastic differential equations with jumps (2023/7/7) 61_3
Suyoung Choi/ Younghan Yoon/ Seonghyeon Yu The Betti numbers of real toric varieties associated to Weyl chambers of types E7 and E8 (2023/7/18) 61_3
Priyankur Chaudhuri Flops and minimal models of generalized pairs (2023/6/7) 61_3
Sakineh Hajiaghasi/ Shahroud Azami The lower bounds for the first eigenvalue of the biharmonic and $p$-biharmonic operators on Finsler manifolds (2023/6/6) 61_3
Yann le Dréau/ Julien Sebag Arc scheme and higher differential forms (2023/6/15) 61_3
Yang Yu Liouville heat kernel upper bounds at large distances (2023/5/2) 61_3
Yuichiro Hoshi A Note on Schwarzian Derivatives and Sugiyama-Yasuda Locally Exact Differentials (2022/11/17) 61_3

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