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Christopher Chung/ Berta Hudak Representation type of level 1 KLR algebras RΛk(β) in type C (2023/9/26) TBA
Piotr Pawlak/ Michal Stukow The first homology group with twisted coefficients for the mapping class group of a non--orientable surface with boundary (2023/9/19) TBA
Kazuo Habiro/ Mai Katada On Borel’s stable range for the twisted cohomology of GL(n, Z) (2023/8/18) TBA
Jaeyoung Choi/ Yong-Geun Oh Fukaya Category of Infinite-type surfaces (2023/8/10) TBA
Atsushi TAKEUCHI Wasserstein distance on solutions to stochastic differential equations with jumps (2023/7/7) TBA
Suyoung Choi/ Younghan Yoon/ Seonghyeon Yu The Betti numbers of real toric varieties associated to Weyl chambers of types E7 and E8 (2023/7/18) TBA
Priyankur Chaudhuri Flops and minimal models of generalized pairs (2023/6/7) TBA
Sakineh Hajiaghasi/ Shahroud Azami The lower bounds for the first eigenvalue of the biharmonic and $p$-biharmonic operators on Finsler manifolds (2023/6/6) TBA
Yann le Dréau/ Julien Sebag Arc scheme and higher differential forms (2023/6/15) TBA
Yang Yu Liouville heat kernel upper bounds at large distances (2023/5/2) TBA
Komal Negi/ Madeti Prabhakar/ Seiichi Kamada Twisted virtual braids and twisted links (2023/10/6) TBA
Daiki Kawabe Chow motives of quasi elliptic surfaces (2023/10/5) TBA
Hiroto Naba The boundaries of bounded type fixed Siegel disks of some transcendental meromorphic functions (2023/4/10) 61_2
Keisuke Miyamoto Remarks on bitrational relations of toric Mori fiber spaces (2023/3/27) 61_2
François Legrand / Elad Paran Lüroth's and Igusa's theorems over division rings (2023/3/23) 61_2
Dancheng Lu/ Zexin Wang On powers of cover ideals of graphs (2023/3/2) 61_2
Tetsuya Ozawa Integral Morse complexes on the real Grassmannians (2023/1/4) 61_2
Ryuji Higa / Takuji Nakamura / Yasutaka Nakanishi / Shin Satoh The intersection polynomials of a virtual knot III: Characterization (2023/1/30) 61_2
Masafumi Hattori On fibration stability after Dervan-Sektnan and singularities (2023/1/16) 61_2
Nakao Hayashi / Pavel I. Naumkin / Isahi Sánchez-Suárez Asymptotics of solutions to the fractional nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation with $\alpha >\frac{5}{2}$ (2023/1/10) 61_2
Ippei Nagamachi Topics in the Grothendieck conjecture for hyperbolic polycurves of dimension 2 (2022/12/5) 61_1
Debanjana Kundu /Filippo A. E. Nuccio Mortarino Majno di Capriglio /Sujatha Ramdorai Structure of fine Selmer groups in abelian p-adic Lie extensions (2022/12/26) 61_1
Yanjun Liu / Wolfgang Willems / Huan Xiong A generalization of Murai's conjecture (2022/12/26) 61_1
Marianna Chatzakou /Aidyn Kassymov / Michael Ruzhansky Anisotropic Shannon inequality (2022/11/28) 61_1
Julie Déserti Dynamical number of base-points of non base-wandering Jonquières twists (2022/11/07) 61_1
Arun Kumar Badajena / Shesadev Pradhan Existence of infinitely many solutions to semilinear elliptic Neumann problems with concave-convex type nonlinearity (2022/10/25) 61_1
Hirotaka Kai Long time behavior of jump-diffusion processes on Riemannian manifolds Long time behavior of jump-diffusion processes on manifolds (2022/10/24) 61_1
Shuwen Lou Discrete approximation to Brownian motion with darning (2022/10/24) 61_1

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