HYP2004 Program, Sep. 14 (updated on September 8)

ROOM : Orbit Hall 1 ROOM : Orbit Hall 2 ROOM A : Mizudori
Session 1 : Numerical Schemes I (K. Sakai) Session 2 : Numerical Methods for Fluid Phenomena I (N. Pogorelov) Session 3 : Biomathematics II (C. Schmeiser)
13:30-13:55 114S. A. Karabasov
Digital Transport Approach for Hyperbolic-type Problems
46Sigrid Andreae
Wave interactions in Immiscible Two Fluid Flows
177Kazunori Sato
Distributions of power-law behavior on the population with finite size
14:00-14:25 200Pavel Váchal
Numerical Methods for Euler Equations Using Fully Two-dimensional HLLEC Riemann Solver
124Milan Kuchařík
Conservative Remapping and ALE Methods for plasma Physics
113Kyungkeun Kang
Global existence of classical solutions for a hyperbolic chemotaxis model and its parabolic limit
14:30-14:55 40Hideaki Aiso
Instability Analysis in Conservative Difference Approximations for Compressible Euler Equations.
159Marica Pelanti
Numerical simulation of volcanic jets and plumes
129Fucai Li
Study on some nonlocal parabolic equations and systems arising in Applied Sciences
15:00-15:25 38Moustafa Abouziarov
An Application of Retroactive Characteristic Method to Conservative Scheme for Structure Problems (Elastic-Plastic Flows)
137Máriá Lukáčová-Medviďová
Numerical modelling of shallow flows including bottom topography and magnetodynamic effects
102Hisashi Inaba
Threshold and stability results for an age-duration-structured population model for HIV/AIDS epidemic
\hlineIfDetail Session 1 : Numerics on Shock Wave (H. Aiso) Session 2 : Numerical Methods for Fluid Phenomena II (J. G. Liu) Session 3 : Galerkin, Spetcral
Methods (P. Arminjon)
16:00-16:25 182Malin Siklosi
Numerical Study of Trajectories in Phase Space for Discrete Shock Profiles
48D. Appelö
Energy Estimates for Perfectly Matched Layers for the Linearized Euler Equations
192Jared Tanner
Postprocessing Methods for Spectral Viscosity Solutions
16:30-16:55 77Gunilla Efraimsson
A Numerical Study of the Introduction and Propagation of a 2-D Vortex
167E. Romenski
Conservative Hyperbolic Model for Two-Phase Flow and One-Dimensional Waves
82Milslav Feistauer
On a Semi-Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin FEM for the Nonstationary Compressible Euler Equations
17:00-17:25 79Volker Elling
Nonuniqueness of entropy solutions and the carbuncle phenomenon
73Ralf Deiterding
High-resolution simulation of realistic detonation structures
90Birgit Gottschlich-Müller
Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Methods based on Biorthogonal Multiwavelets for Conservation Laws

ROOM B : Kouki ROOM C : Ryokuju ROOM D : Fuga
Session 4 : Fluid dynamics II (K. Zumbrun) Session 5 : Shock Waves I (P. G. Lefloch) Session 6 : Physical Models I (L. Hsiao)
13:30-13:55 112Yoshiyuki Kagei
Asymptotic behavior of solutions to the compressible Navier-Stokes equations on the half space
141Siegfried Müller
Riemann Problem for the Euler Equations with Non-Convex Equation of State including Phase Transition
61Sylvie Benzoni-Gavage
Structure and well-posedness of Korteweg models for fluids exhibiting phase changes
14:00-14:25 132Tong Li
Stability of detonation waves in two-step chain-branching reaction models
62Francesca Brini
On the Riemann Problem in Extended Thermodynamics
78Gennady El
Unsteady dispersive shock transition in non-integrable systems
14:30-14:55 190Shuji Takahashi
Existence Theorem for the Point Source Blast Wave Equation
143Alexei A. Mailybaev
Dual-family viscous shock waves in n conservation laws
106Yueling Jia
Large Time Behavior of Solutions of Quantum Hydrodynamic Model
15:00-15:25 176A. Sakurai
A weak solution of point source blast wave problem
134Yachun Li
Global Entropy Solutions to the Relativistic Euler Equations
131Hailiang Li
On Multi-dimensional Quantum Hydrodynamics : Modelling, Well-posedness and Asymptotics
\hlineIfDetail Session 4 : Elastic equations (D. Marchesin) Session 5 : Shock Waves II (S. Bianchini) Session 6 : Physical Models II (A. Jüngel)
16:00-16:25 117Mishio Kawashita
Scattering Theory for the Elastic Wave Equations in Perturbed Half-spaces
216Yuxi Zheng
A global solution to a two-dimensional Riemann problem involving shocks as free boundaries
205Shu Wang
Quasineutral Limit of Euler-Poisson System with and without Viscosity
16:30-16:55 103Hiromichi Itou
Existence of a weak solution in an infinite viscoelastic strip with a semi-infinite crack
181Sadao Shimoji
Dynamics of a Purely Nonlinear One-Dimensional Elastic Body
135Yong Li
Study on the Multi-dimensional Nonisentropic Euler-Poisson Equations
17:00-17:25 214G. K. Zakiryanova
Generalized solutions of boundary value problems for second order hyperbolic systems
92Michael A. Grinfeld
PDE of Failure Wave Propagation Based on the Model of Two-State Substance
64Li Chen
Analysis and Numerical Simulation of the Generalized Drift Diffusion Model in Semiconductor Science