HYP2004 Program, Sep. 16 (updated on September 8)

ROOM : Orbit Hall 1 ROOM : Orbit Hall 2 ROOM A : Mizudori
Session 1 : Centered, Staggered
Schemes I (E. Tadmor)
Session 2 : Numerical Methods and
Modellings I (C. Rohde)
Session 3 : Conservation laws I (A. Bressan)
14:00-14:25 161Bojan Popov
Numerical stability, convergence and error estimates for non-oscillatory schemes
75Christian Dickopp
A Homogeneous Model for Two-Phase Flow Through Injection Nozzles
206Gerald Warnecke
On the Solution to the Riemann Problem for a Class of Non-conservative Systems
14:30-14:55 128Doron Levy
High-Order Godunov-type Schemes for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
185O. Soulard
Hyperbolic Stochastic Partial Differential Equations as a tool for solving the Fokker-Planck PDF transport equation of turbulent reactive scalars
209Mitsuru Yamazaki
Viscous shock profile for $2\times 2$ systems of hyperbolic conservation laws with an umbilic point
15:00-15:25 49P. Arminjon
Central Finite Volume Methods with Constrained Transport Divergence Treatment for Ideal MHD
57Weizhu Bao
Numerical Simulation for Bose-Einstein Condensation
162Phoolan Prasad
Kinematical Conservation Laws, Ray Theories and Aplications
\hlineIfDetail Session 1 : Centered, Staggered
Schemes II (A. Kurganov)
Session 2 : Numerical Methods and
Modellings II (Y. Takakura)
Session 3 : Conservation laws II (G. Warnecke)
16:00-16:25 168Wolfram Rosenbaum
Adaptive staggered grids in 3D
116Th. Katsaounis
Adaptive Finite Element Methods for computing Shear Band formations
160N. V. Pogorelov
Nonevolutionary MHD Shocks : A Critical Survey
16:30-16:55 169James A. Rossmanith
A wave propagation method for relativistic hydrodynamics
94Katarina Gustavsson
Study of a Hyperbolic Model Problem
189Satoru Takagi
On the Existence of Renormalized Dissipative Solutions via Relaxation for Conservation Laws
17:00-17:25 203M. H. Vignal
Modelization and numerical simulations of plasma expansion in vacuum
140G. Lyng
Low-Frequency Stability of Multidimensional Viscous and Invsicid Planar Detonation Waves

ROOM B : Kouki ROOM C : Ryokuju
Session 4 : Astrophysics I (T. Makino) Session 5 : Relaxation Model (G.-Q. Chen)
14:00-14:25 119Christian Klingenberg
Mathematical modelling and numerical simulations for astrophysical accretion discs
136Wen-Ching Lien
Time-Asymptotic Interactions of Boltzmann Shock Layers in the Presence of Boundary
14:30-14:55 212Gen Yoneda
Formulation problem of the Einstein equation for numerical simulations
144Ming Mei
Phase Transitions in a Relaxation Model of Mixed Type with Periodic Boundary Condition
15:00-15:25 150Makoto Narita
On a wave map in string theory
170Tommaso Ruggeri
Entropy Principle and Global Existence of Smooth Solutions in Extended Thermodynamics
\hlineIfDetail Session 4 : Astrophysics II (T. Iguchi) Session 5 : Physical Models III (P. Marcati)
16:00-16:25 178Michael B. Scott
Lightlike Shock Waves in General Relativity
42L. A. Alexeyeva
Time-Dependent Boundary Value Problems for Maxwell Equations and their Generalized Solutions
16:30-16:55 96Jörg Härterich
Asymptotic Behavior of Spatially Inhomogeneous Balance Laws
202Vera Miljanovic
Convergence to Equilibrium for the Linearized Cometary Flow Equation
17:00-17:25 179Susana Serna
Clustering induced by blast waves in inelastic granular gases