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A construction of pseudo-Anosov braids with small normalized entropies (with Susumu Hirose)

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On hyperbolic surface bundles over the circle as branched double covers of the 3-sphere (with Susumu Hirose)

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Small asymptotic translation lengths of pseudo-Anosov maps on the curve complex (with Hyunshik Shin)

To appear in Groups, Geomeotry, and Dynamics.

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Braids, orderings and minimal volume cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds (with Dale Rolfsen)

Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics 12 (2018), no. 3, 961-1004.

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The asymptotic behavior of the minimal pseudo-Anosov dilatations in the hyperelliptic handlebody groups (with Susumu Hirose)

Quarterly Journal of Mathematics 68 (2017) 1035-1069.

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The boundary of a fibered face of the magic 3-manifold and the asymptotic behavior of the minimal pseudo-Anosovs dilatations (with Mitsuhiko Takasawa)

Hiroshima Mathematical Journal 46(3) (2016) 271-287.

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Dynamics of the monodromies of the fibrations on the magic 3-manifold

New York Journal of Mathematics 21 (2015) 547-599.

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Minimal dilatations of pseudo-Anosovs generated by the magic 3-manifold and their asymptotic behavior (with Sadayoshi Kojima and Mitsuhiko Takasawa)

Algebraic and Geometric Topology 13 (2013), 3537-3602.

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Notes on pseudo-Anosovs with small dilatations coming from the magic 3-manifold

Representation spaces, twisted topological invariants and geometric structures of 3-manifolds, RIMS Kokyuroku 1836 (2013) 45-64.

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Pseudo-Anosovs on closed surfaces having small entropy and the Whitehead sister link exterior (with Mitsuhiko Takasawa)

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Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 65, Number 2 (2013), 411-446.

Pseudo-Anosov braids with small entropy and the magic 3-manifold (with Mitsuhiko Takasawa)

Communications in Analysis and Geometry 19, Number 4 (2011),705-758.

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Entropy versus volume for pseudo-Anosovs (with Sadayoshi Kojima and Mitsuhiko Takasawa)

Experimental Mathematics 18 (2009), 397-407.

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An asymptotic behavior of the dilatation for a family of pseudo-Anosov braids (with Mitsuhiko Takasawa)

Kodai Mathematical Journal 31 (2008) 92-112.

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The forcing partial order on a family of braids forced by pseudo-Anosov 3-braids

Osaka Journal of Mathematics 45 (2008) 757-772.

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A family of pseudo-Anosov braids with small dilatation (with Eriko Hironaka)

Algebraic and geometric topology 6 (2006) 699-738 (electronic)

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Efficient topological chaos embedded in the blinking vortex system (with Takashi Sakajo)

Chaos 15 (2005)

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Flowlines transverse to knot and link fibrations (with Robert Ghrist)

Pacific Journal of Math 217 (2004) 61-86

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Determination of generalized horseshoe maps inducing all link types (with Mikami Hirasawa)

Topology and Its Applications 139 (2004) 261-277

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The third power of the Smale horseshoe induces all link types

Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications 9 (7) (2000) 939-953

A suspension of an orientation preserving diffeomorphism of $D^2$ with a hyperbolic fixed point and universal template

Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications 9 (6) (2000) 771-795