Moonshine Workshop

May 29 to June 4, 1999

CRM, Universite de Montreal

Universite de Montreal and CRM


mysterious statue near CRM


29 May (Sat.)

B. Griess "Pieces of Eight"
J. McKay "Following the scent"
A. Sebbar "A classification of torsion-free discrete groups"

30 May (Sun.)

S. Norton "Irrational Moonshine"
K. Saito "Non negativity of Fourier coeeficients of elliptic eta-products"
G. Glauberman "On McKay's connection between the extended E8 diagram and the Monster"

31 May (Mon.)

I. Dolgachev "Cubic surfaces of the Leech lattice"
G. H\"ohn "String geometry and Moonshine"
C. Doran "Modularity of the Mirror Map and Mirror-Moonshine"
N. Yui "The mirror moonshine conjecture and its generalization"
M. Kaneko "hypergeometric modular forms and supersingular elliptic curves"

1 June (Tue.)

Atkin "Possibly unfinished modular business"
Y. Ohyama "Schwarz derivatives and quadratic differential equations"
H. Verrill "Some examples of Picard-Fuchs equations with solutions given in terms of modular forms"
K. Harada "Sylow 2-subgroups of sporadic simple groups"
H. Li "Regular representations ofvertex operator algebras and some related issues"
M. Tuite "Aspects of genus two conformal field theory"

2 June (Wed.)


3 June (Thu.)

C. Dong "Modular invariance of Conformal Field Theory: Old and New results I"
G. Mason "Modular invariance of Conformal Field Theory: Old and New results II"
M. Miyamoto "Modular invariance of multivariate VOAs"
C. Simons "26 implies the Bimonster"
C.H. Lam "Moonshine VOA from L(1/2,0) x L(7/10,0) x L(4/5,0) modules"

4 June (Fri.)

W. L. Hoyt "On K3"
A. Baker "Toplogical invariants of finite group actions on manifolds"
M. Brightwell "Toric geometry of some unimodular lattices"
S. Kondo "Niemeier lattices, Mathiew groups, and finite groups automorphisms of K3 surfaces"
J. Conway "The discovery and expalanation of Moonshine"



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