Workshop on tau functions

March 19--20 , 2004

CRM, Universite de Montreal

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19th March

09:30 M. Bertola , (Concordia University)
"Tau functions everywhere--Isomonodromy tau functions and matrix models"

11:00 J. Harnad, (Concordia University)
"Character expansion of tau functions"

14:00 D. Korotkin, (Concordia University)
"Isomonodromic tau-function and G-function of Hurwitz Frobenius manifolds"

16:00 V. Matveev, (Universite de Bourgogne, St. Petersburg branch of Steklov Math. Institute)
"Discrete versions of Darboux-Poschl-Teller potentials"

20th March

09:30 A. Kokotov, (Concordia University)
"Tau-functions on spaces of holomorphic differentials and determinants of Laplace operator with conical singularities on Riemann surfaces"

11:00 Y. Ohyama, (Osaka University)
"A new class of Painleve transcendents: monodromy-solvable solutions"

  • Another talk at Seminaires du laboratoire de Physique Mathematique, 23th March

    14:00 A. Kapaev, (Research Center of Innovation and Developments, St. Petersburg)
    "Large N asymptotics of Spectral curves"

    16:00 J. Hurtubise, (McGill University)
    "The geometry of Calogero-Moser systems"

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