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Partial differential equations
Keywords Microlocal analysis, dispersive equation, hyperbolic equation

Partial differential equations have their origins in various fields such as mathematical physics, differential geometry, and technology. Among them I am particularly interested in the partial differential equations that describe wave propagation phenomena: hyperbolic equations and dispersive equations. A typical example of the former is the wave equation, and that of the latter is the Schroedinger equation. For many years I have studied basic problems for these equations: existence and uniqueness of solutions, structure of singularities of solutions, asymptotic behavior of solutions, and spectral properties. Recently I make efforts to understand how the singularities of solutions for Schroedinger equations or, more generally, dispersive equations propagate. The center of this problem is to determine when and how the singularities of solutions for the dispersive equations can be described by the asymptotic behavior of solutions for the associated canonical equations.