Ryushi GOTO

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Differential geometry, complex geometry
Keywords Calabi-Yau manifolds, Hyper Kähler manifolds, G2, Spin(7)-structures, Generalized Geometry

My research interest is mostly in complex and differential geometry, which are closely related with algebraic geometry and theoretical physics. My own research started with special geometric structures such as Calabi-Yau, hyperKaehler, G2 and Spin(7) structures. These four structures exactly correspond to special holonomy groups which give rise to Ricci-flat Einstein metrics on manifolds. It is intriguing that these moduli spaces are smooth manifolds on which local Torelli type theorem holds. In order to understand these phenomena, I introduce a notion of geometric structures defined by a system of closed differential forms and establish a criterion of unobstructed deformations of structures. When we apply this approach to Calabi-Yau, hyperKaehler, G2 and Spin(7) structures, we obtain a unified construction of these moduli spaces. At present I also explore other interesting geometric structures and their moduli spaces.