Takahiro OBA

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Keywords Contact & symplectic manifolds, Low-dimensional manifolds

My research interests lie in the topology of manifolds. In particular, I am interested in that of contact and symplectic manifolds. One of the main problems in this area is how much these geometric structures impose constraints on the topology of those manifolds. One can address this problem by various methods. Among them, I have mainly used fibration-like structures: Lefschetz fibrations and open book decompositions. One can extract information about the topology of contact and symplectic manifolds from fibration-like structures, and vice versa.
I have studied low-dimensional, namely 3-/4-dimensional contact and symplectic manifolds. I have recently started trying to understand higher dimensions. Little is known about this case, because of lack of knowledge on mapping class groups of higher-dimensional manifolds. With various techniques such as holomorphic curve techniques, now I am diving into the higher-dimensional world.