Naohito TOMITA

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Real analysis
Keywords Function spaces, pseudo-differential operators

My research field is Fourier analysis, and I am particularly interested in the theory of function spaces. Fourier series were introduced by J. Fourier(1768-1830) for the purpose of solving the heat equation. Fourier considered as follows:"Trigonometric series can represent arbitrary periodic functions". However, in general, this is not true. Then, we have the following problem: "When can we write a periodic function as an infinite (or finite) sum of sine and cosine functions?". Lebesgue space which is one of function spaces plays an important role in this classical problem. Here Lebesgue space consists of functions whose p-th powers are integrable. In this way, function spaces are useful for various mathematical problems. As another example, modulation spaces were recently applied to pseudodifferential operators which are important tool for partial differential equations, and my purpose is to clarify their relation.